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  • Important Security Flaw in Wi-Fi Exposed

    According to Researcher Mathy Vanhoef, the flaw (cleverly referred to as KRACK Hack) allows attackers within range of a vulnerable device or access point to intercept passwords, e-mails, and other data presumed to be encrypted, and in some cases, to inject ransomware or other malicious content into a website a client is visiting. The good news is that manufacturers are already distributing software updates to address this vulnerability in laptops, smartphones, and internet routers. However, until you know that a network is secure, take the necessary precautions when using your connected devices.

    • Use a wired ethernet connection on your network
    • Avoid connecting to public Wi-Fi networks, if possible
    • Avoid visiting sites where sensitive information is stored when connected to a public Wi-Fi network
    • Look for an indication that the website you are visiting has https encryption
    • Use a personal VPN when using a Wi-Fi connection you don’t own, manage or trust
    At C3D, our team is comprised of web developers and technology specialists that understand the implications that vulnerabilities like this can have for clients and their consumers. If you ever have a question related to the security of your hosted website, don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • An Inside Look At Shawn’s Everyday Carry

    MacBook 15″ Retina The workhorse of my daily work. The original 15″ retina (though, I’m due for an upgrade this year) with Thunderbolt dongles for an external hard drive and to drive an external 21″ display. Track pad and key command jedi, no need for those stinking external mice.

    iPhone 6

    Not for the phone, but for Messages and the camera. I average less than 3 phone calls a week. But Apple Messages and Google Hangouts are the key communication lines in the office. I’ll have another post soon about my go-to-apps.

    UZI Defender Tactical Pen

    Made of heavy duty aircraft aluminum, uses Fisher Space Pen refills, sports a carbide tip for breaking glass and a top secret handcuff key. You got to be prepared, son. This industry is an adventure and you never know when you’ll find yourself in the steamy underbelly of a third world crime syndicate, err, my desk. You just don’t lose a pen like this.

    Contigo Autoseal West Loop Stainless Steel Travel Mug (20 oz.)

    Rocking the bulletproof coffee, this is the best travel mug I’ve ever used. Keeps my coffee hot for a couple hours if I leave it sitting. It is a beast, from dropping it on pavement to combining it with my tactical pen to fight off insurgents, it doesn’t leak.

    Spyderco Tenacious G10

    A 3.5″ blade in a well-balanced pocket knife. My first stage weapon against the insurgents or Amazon Prime deliveries, whichever one the day brings.

    Pocket Size Notebook

    Currently using Field Notes Brand, but I also use Moleskine Cahier and Rhodia #14 from time to time. With my Field Notes I use the excellent Hell Brand Leather Horween Chromexcel Cover.

    iPad Air 2

    Notes, testing, media consumption.

    FiftyThree’s Pencil Stylus

    In conjunction with the iPad, and FiftyThree’s excellent Paper app, their Pencil stylus was the best on the market before Apple’s Pencil. For wireframing, flowcharting and doodling and more, this is the bee’s knees.

    Explorer Backpack

    Back in the last century, there was a rocking bag company out of Boulder, CO called Spire. I’ve had this backpack since ’99 and it still serves me well. It’s been on my shoulder in multiple countries and an untold number of journeys. Unfortunately the company is gone, but the Explorer lives on. Do you want access to more content like our C3D Everyday Carry series? Subscribe to the C3D email newsletter for a bimonthly installment of marketing news, business tips, music playlists and more delivered right to your inbox!

  • How To: Get Your Website Back In Action

    industry buzzwords like content marketing, marketing automation, online lead generation. Getting your online business up to speed doesn’t have to be a daunting task, and often, it may not even require a complete overhaul of your current website. Here are some quick tasks to get you moving in the right direction:

    1. Analytics Audit
    If your site has some sort of analytics measurement tool for tracking visitors and pageviews, take a quick look at it. If you aren’t sure off the top of your head, ask your web developer or in some cases, your hosting provider. We’ll keep this simple, find out what the top 15-20 pages are on your website. These are the pages where significant changes will likely have an impact on your site’s traffic.
    2. Search Data Audit
    Take a look at Google’s Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools) for your site. If you haven’t ever set this up, it only takes a couple of minutes if you have access to your site or domain name registration. If not, get a hold of your web developer, it should only take them a couple minutes to help out. If they give you grief, you might want to find a new developer. Search Console gives you a quick insight into the search terms people are using to find your site on Google.
    3. Contact Audit
    Take a look at your site. Do you have a contact form? Is your phone number easy to find. If you are active on social media, do you have links to those profiles? Make sure the contact methods you have on your site are all still active. Fill out the contact form. Click to send an email if you have an email displayed. Call the phone number. If any of this data is out-of-date or broken, get it fixed.
    4. Find Underperforming Pages.
    Can you spruce up keyword based content on those pages? The length of the written content? Are there interactive elements you can add such as YouTube or Facebook videos?
    5. The Call-To-Action
    Let’s face it, the reason you are in business is because you have a unique skill. You know something about your industry that sets you apart. It may be second nature to you. You might even think it is obvious. Take a minute and write out a couple quick sentences on how or what you do that makes you unique. Is this something you could offer as a download? Do you have free offer you typically use in your sales process? Consider crafting a call-to-action along the lines of:
    • “Download our 8 tips to simplify ACA filings”
    • “Sign up for a no-obligation free trial”
    • “4 Ways to get your website back in action”
    Next, take these call-to-action statements and place them on your top pages (you may need your web developer’s heal). Link through to a contact form to collect relevant personal information (name, email, phone, etc.) and include a disclaimer that by filling out the form they are agreeing to be contacted via email or phone in exchange for your offer.
    6. Email Marketing
    Take these new leads and add them to your email marketing list. Don’t have one? Email marketing is still the number 1 channel for web-based leads. We’ll cover this in a future post. Once you’ve gotten this far, you are ready to start enhancing these steps with some more advanced tactics:
    • Split testing headlines & calls-to-action to see what words/offers are more attractive to your audience.
    • Running a survey on your site to ask your visitor what they like about your site and what information or content may be missing.
    • Running heatmap tests to see, in aggregate, how your visitors are moving about the page; where they click, where they scroll, etc.


    In conclusion, we’ve performed a couple simple audits to your site to uncover any problem areas. We’ve uncovered the top pages in your site, and have given you a minor task to freshen up the content on under-traffic pages. Finally, we’ve taken baby steps to get your website to actually work for you. Welcome to the lead generation era. Unsure about your company website’s performance? Improve the quality and impact of your online marketing with the help of proven lead generation tactics.