Typography in Movie Titles

typography, design, and film.

Mothman Prophecies
The type in this sequence is pretty clean. The typeface itself is fine, doesn’t get me too excited on its own, but it’s the interaction with the film footage that gets me. In every scene the type and film have a unique exchange; whether it’s the reflection on lipstick, or vanishing behind dots of light. The effects are very subtle, but very cool. Watch Now
X-Men: First Class
Again, the type is minimal here. Nice, simple typeface that supports the graphics. There’s plenty going on with the graphics that if the type tried to do more, it would be too much. A good balance with the graphics obviously doing the heavy lifting. Watch Now
Stranger Than Fiction
THIS is an absolutely beautiful blend of typography, graphic design, and live footage. So cool! The title really speaks for itself. Watch Now
The mix of handwritten and distressed typefaces, along with the very creepy footage and music, set a perfect tone for this movie. The other sequences we’ve looked at have been pretty “clean”, but this goes down the opposite end of the spectrum. As a designer, it’s neat to see how differently the stages can be set with different applications of typography. Watch Now
Panic Room
The typography in this sequence is massive and in your face, while also pretty reserved in nature. A great example of how usage can change the overall impact. Watch Now There are a lot of great designers out there trying to make it in the film industry. So next time you are watching a movie and the opening titles start, take a second and enjoy them—you might be pleasantly surprised at the details you find onscreen. Learn more about typography: