I’m Shawn Hartley, a Marketing Technology, Web Development and Information Security Professional based in Omaha, NE.

Marketing used to be branding, events and copy. Now it is also code, analytics and big data. With competition everywhere, do you have what it takes to reach your prospects and customers? I bring over 20 years of digital marketing fundamentals together with the technical skills and knowledge you need to succeed.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Is your team working on the right projects? Do you have the process and playbooks in place to drive revenue? Does marketing coordinate efficiently with Sales, Product, and everyone else?

Website Optimization and Acquisition

Does your website load fast, look good and attract the right prospects? Do you rank for keywords you care about and keywords your customers are searching for? Are you ads and landing pages performing as well as they can?

Marketing Automation

Can you reach your customers and prospects easily? Do you have sales funnels and nurture campaigns in place? Are your emails getting delivered or are they marked as spam?