A collection of my past blog posts. Most of these were first published on my personal site or on Corporate Three Design’s blog.

  • Some News

    Three weeks ago I submitted my resignation to Corporate Three Design with my last day to have been May 6, 2022. This morning, they have announced that they will be closing their doors effective May 30, 2022 at the close of business. At that time, I will be taking over…

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  • Do You Need Website Help?

    Do You Need Website Help?

    Struggling with website management? My expert team offers personalized website help, from design to maintenance. Elevate your online presence with customized solutions, tailored to your unique needs. Experience seamless support and watch your brand flourish.

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  • Content Creation: From Start to Finish

    Content Creation: From Start to Finish

    Educating my clients about the value of ongoing content creation for their websites is an everyday challenge. I can try and explain the benefits that fresh content provides through the lense of SEO or brand awareness, but if a client hasn’t established an internal approach to writing new content (and…

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